Andrew Bartley, PCC, MDiv, MBA and Corinne Walsh, MA, LLM

Corinne and Andrew founded Platinum Leadership Inc. in 2007. Partners in life and work, their chemistry is rooted in 16 years of marriage and 11 years of adventure with the associates of Platinum Leadership.

Within a few months of meeting, Corinne and Andrew began co-facilitating training, planning, and retreats. Work they had accomplished individually for years became more effective and fun as they served together.

Over the next decade, Corinne and Andrew’s shared projects became increasingly complex and required the collaboration of trusted colleagues. They incorporated Platinum Leadership to formalize the contribution, capacity, and leadership of gifted associates.

As Platinum grows, Andrew and Corinne invite others to join the firm. Members now live and work in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Belgium. Leaders in their respective disciplines, each associate’s life and work resonate with Platinum’s values. Our mission is to help people experience the joy of working together, and in Platinum’s case, we’re fortunate to do so as a family.

Coaches and Facilitators

Andrew Bartley
Leanna Barwick
Sara Bigwood
Jen Denys
Olivier Larvor
Glenn McIntosh
Jagjit (Jag) Mundi
Greg Nash
Laura Nash
Drew Sanders
Brian Sloan
Catherine Stagg-Macey
Corinne Walsh


Sara Hanna
Erika Muñoz
Gwynne Ng
Murray Watson
Emily Wilton


Bill McCarvell
Stefan Sago
Brian Summers
Tom Vermue

Platinum Leadership customizes teams to serve clients by engaging additional staff as required on a contract basis.