Platinum Leadership and Youth Development

We’re grateful for the servant leaders who helped us thrive as teenagers and young adults. We’re committed to ‘paying it forward’ with young people, who need opportunities to learn, grow, and lead with adults and peers who care for them.

In response, through our work with and for youth we:

  • Strengthen young people’s self-awareness, leadership and character
  • Coach and train youth-serving professionals, teams and organizations
  • Facilitate youth-serving organizations’ strategic planning, collaboration, evaluation, and collective impact

We want to make a difference in the lives of teenagers, young adults and their families, making it more likely for them to be resilient and thrive. We train, support and coach youth-serving professionals individually and in teams, acknowledging the pivotal role they play. In helping youth develop as leaders, we strengthen our communities today and cultivate the communities we desire for tomorrow. For these reasons, we regard positive youth development as part of our corporate social responsibility, and offer discounted rates for youth-serving organizations.