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He was very fond of the Iraqi people and he was. In the House of Commons Dr David Kelly and Jack Straw give evidence to the Foreign Affairs Committee. Mr Broucher inferred that Dr Kelly might be concerned that he would be thought to have lied to some of his contacts in Iraq. Dr Kelly flies to Kuwait but his visa is not correct and he is searched and deported. Separately, the Cabinet Office has been producing a briefing paper on the history of the Unscom inspections. But the Hutton Inquiry heard that the idea was rejected by Geoff Hoon and the PM's two official spokesmen Godric Smith and Tom Kelly. And the source is quoted: "They were desperate for information which could be released. This had been left out - a security breach - rather than being locked away. It is interesting to note that Widgery was invited to lead a 1921 type  judicial inquiry the day after the shooting. It takes him only a few minutes. At some point someone tells Richard Norton Taylor of the Guardian that the source has been an Unscom inspector. He seemed to withdraw into himself completely," she said. (MoD 1/67) "The individual is an expert on WMD who has advised ministers on WMD and whose contribution to the dossier of September 2002 was to contribute towards drafts of historical accounts of UN inspections. She also drafted a press release (MoD 1/90) rebutting the FAC view that Kelly had been badly treated by the MoD. Janice and Kelly go round the Lost Gardens of Heligan. 2000: Dr Kelly rings MoD chief press officer Kate Wilson. Until we have the full story, we cannot decide what action to take. I was aware that when he had been out to ……………..(inaudible) he had lunch with Julie Flint — They hear that the ISC which meets in private would not welcome a public letter but they would have no objection to a press release which said whether or not the individual is willing to be interviewed by the ISC. Listen in as Dr. Kelly discusses the current environment and impact of the U.S. presidential election on the markets and the economy. Dr Kelly’s inclusion was an Iraqi army cap badge. 1530: Dr Kelly talks to Patrick Lamb by phone and seeks reassurance about his pension. Sir David Omand writes to Sir Kevin Tebbit. Was it possible for the audio link to be interrupted if it was thought necessary? The Telegraph says that the BBC has admitted that Andrew Gilligan met his contact at a central London hotel on 22 May. Lunchtime: Mr David Broucher - the British permanent representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva meets Dr Kelly for an hour to discuss how Mr Broucher can sell the dossier at the UN. 0000: Policemen give the Kelly family a missing persons form. 1800: Downing Street chief of staff Jonathan Powell says he joined a meeting in Sir David Manning's office - the PM's foreign affairs and defence adviser - with Sir David Omand, security and intelligence co-ordinator at the Cabinet Office and JIC chairman Sir John Scarlett where they are told that David Kelly had come forward to say he had spoken to Andrew Gilligan. It was all very plummy; ‘Yes my Lord, no my Lord, three bags full my Lord’. (7 – beware images)   If the author is right, and there is some supporting evidence apart from analysis of the images, Kelly would probably have known. Stephen Macdonald, assistant director of Budget, Security and Safety at the MoD gets a call from the director of Security and Safety, who tells him that a burn bag had been found at the MoD - a paper sack which contains security documents for burning. This work is later included in the first draft of a dossier. The Oxfordshire coroner, Nicholas Gardiner, holds a 14-minute hearing to consider whether to reopen the inquest into Dr David Kelly's death. Global Research (MOD 4/11). It is in abbreviations but it records: "transformed wk before pub to make it sexier the classic was the 45 mins. A paper on Saddam's WMD (mainly drafted by Julian Miller and the assessment staff), A paper on the history of UN inspections (being drafted by Patrick Lamb at the FCO with the help of Dr Kelly), A paper on Saddam's human rights record (drafted by Dr Amanda Tanfield). He notes that Dr Kelly had heart disease. 0900: Richard Scott of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory gets a call from Dr Kelly. Dr Kelly insists he could not be the "main source" of the BBC story. Andrew Gilligan meets David Kelly again at the Charing Cross Hotel. He is accompanied by James Dingemans QC, senior counsel to the Inquiry. Certainly Tom Mangold, as a family we were all aware of him. Thomas and Margaret divorced in 1951 and she took her young son and moved in with her parents in Pontypridd. 56,514 people are reading stories on the site right now. The inquest was then adjourned and not completed. There are now three separate documents that together can be considered as the Iraq dossier: Tony Blair holds a press conference in Sedgefield and announces a dossier will be published within a matter of weeks. On the second go at this sort of thing, up pops a reference to which produced a document that mentioned Dr Kelly. William 'Bill' David Kelly, Sr. | Obituaries | Rachel Bowers Kelly 1913 – 1994 ... memorial page for George David Kelly (1 Apr 1938–21 Oct 2000), Find a Grave Memorial no. ", 1600: Dr Kelly's second MoD interview. A helicopter is called in from RAF Benson. there had to stay on the airfield, I think, for security reasons. By Alexandra Hutzler On 12/24/20 at 12:21 PM EST. Dr Kelly is appointed senior adviser in biological defence at Porton Down. “They are not mobile germ warfare laboratories. The draft on the 45 minute claim has been updated from the draft of 5 September and suggests that "Iraq has probably dispersed its special weapons, including its CBW weapons. Sir Kevin Tebbit tells the MoD personnel director that he might have to talk to Dr Kelly again - based on the new information in the Times article, which makes it clearer that the source was an inspector rather than an intelligence officer. They are exactly what the Iraqis said they were – facilities for the production of hydrogen gas to fill balloons. David Kelly: Birthdate: 1758: Birthplace: Goshen Orange County New York: Death: October 04, 1844 (85-86) Camden, Addington, County , Ontario Immediate Family: Husband of Mary Kelly Father of Rachel Kelly; Jane Youmans; Elizabeth Kelly; Sarah Kelly; John Oliver Kelly and 2 others; Managed by: (MoD 1/19). He added: "It is my opinion that that is what directly led to his suicide. It describes Saddam Hussein as a "demonstrable threat to stability of region" and argues the UN inspectors need to be sent back. I simply say, in relation to the BBC story, it is a lie ... that is continually repeated, and until we get an apology for it I will keep making sure that parliament and people like yourselves know that it was a lie. Dr David Kelly files released But at about 9am on July 18, two volunteer searchers found Dr Kelly’s body in a wood two miles from his house. 2340: Dr Kelly named on the Press Association's newswire. Happy to discuss.". 1710: Dr Kelly gets call from Mr Hatfield. He declared: This Sunday became known as Bloody Sunday and bloody it was. The aim was to bury the truth six foot deep beneath spadefuls of words. The three parts of the 20 June dossier were circulated to FCO, MOD and 10 Downing Street. In a statement following the special session, the committee was scathing about the Government's handling of Dr Kelly, saying he had been "poorly treated" by the Defence Minister. In other messages he seems to be looking forward to returning to Iraq. ‘Only one half day of twenty-one days spent sitting was to do with the forensic medical aspects’ (Michael Powers QC BSc MB BS FFFLM). Dr Kelly's sister tells the Hutton Inquiry that David Kelly had thought the ISC would be first and that would be at the Cabinet Office. They are exactly what the Iraqis said they were – facilities for the production of hydrogen gas to fill balloons.” (7). There was an audio link between her and the court and there was a still picture of her on a video screen in the court. They might copy letter to FAC too. The author strongly believes that a neutron shell, or similar, was the cause of the terrible incineration of the arms of Ali Abbas and the burning of his trunk to a depth of one inch. The BBC has the opportunity to clear up this issue. He has fed a series of key words into Google. (Ms Flint appears to have political in addition to journalistic functions. They were desperate for information. 10. 1130 - 1315: Dr Kelly interviewed by the MoD head of personnel, Richard Hatfield. Dr Kelly talks to Olivia Bosch who later recounts that he says he is resigned to his name coming out at some point. 2230: Susan Watts reports on BBC Newsnight of a conversation she has had with "a senior official intimately involved with the process of pulling together the original September dossier". 1730: Pam Teare says that Chris Adams at the Financial Times is the first to get the name right. David Kelly in New Jersey. Dr Kelly also said he did not believe the dossier was transformed by Alastair Campbell. Lord Hutton has a private meeting with Janice Kelly and immediate family members which lasts an hour. 1900: Two quick phone calls from Brian Wells, who is on a train, to Dr Kelly confirm to him the press have got hold of his name. Lord Hutton is appointed to conduct an inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly. In a meeting around lunchtime Sir Kevin Tebbit approves the Question and Answer for use when journalists ring. Dr Kelly talks on phone to Olivia Bosch. That's why there is the argument between the intelligence services and ... No 10 because they picked up on it and ... you can't pull them back from it." Join Facebook to connect with David E. Kelly Jr. and others you may know. The letter concludes saying that MOD rules have been breached but there is no reason to suspect a breach of Official Secrets Act - "...discipline is being reinforced". The following part is to do with two trips by Dr Kelly to the Middle East. He has said that, as an expert in the field, he believes Saddam Hussein possessed WMD," it added. (MOD 1/82), 1450: Jonathan Powell e-mails the Prime Minister's official spokesman, Tom Kelly, in response to the Committees wanting to interview Kelly. Another meeting takes place in Alastair Campbell's office with Jack Straw and various officials talking about the FAC report and the Government's response to it. They go back to Rachel Kelly's house. Previous to David's current city of Plano, TX, David Kelly lived in Dallas TX. ", The text of the report quotes a "Whitehall" source. ", According to the Times when asked about why he had authorised the naming of Dr Kelly Tony Blair said: "That's completely untrue ... That is emphatically not the case," and he added. It reads: 1330 - 1430: The Prime Minister meets with Jonathan Powell, John Scarlett, Alastair Campbell, Godric Smith and Tom Kelly to discuss a draft letter to ISC. Tracker dogs arrive. "Mr A" tells the Hutton Inquiry that about 12 comments were made by Dr Kelly. He agrees with Martin Howard that there should be a discussion with Dr Kelly to establish the facts. The author was not there but the transcripts convey the surreal.  Free Books! (5) **  This extract and the author’s comments were one of several made to the Attorney General when a group of doctors were pleading for the AG to facilitate an inquest. (CAB 1/93), Janice and David Kelly stay in Mevagissey, Cornwall at a friend's holiday home. Later David Kelly tells her that Nick Rufford had told him "the press are on their way in droves". 1930: Sunday Times reporter Nick Rufford arrives on Kelly's doorstep. The transcript of Gilligan's written note of the meeting says that "I asked him what was in it, and he said essentially not really very much that you as a relatively informed lay person would not know already. Another third were people who had some personal connection with Dr Kelly and the remainder were civilian authorities. They were expected to remember the many times when dark clouds might have crossed his face; the subtext was the possibility that he might have been thinking of ending his life. I said was that the reason it was delayed, and he said yes." They set off from Cornwall by car at about 1100 and arrive in Oxford at 1730. Name: David Kelly David Dean Kelly David P Kelly Did someone not want Kelly to see what the coalition of the willing had been up to in Iraq? It is completely and totally untrue. ", Dr Kelly says he did not write the 45 minute section but explains that "I reviewed the whole thing ...". View David Kelly’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. She wants to send a press officer (Howard Rhodes) down to his house. Email entitled "Dossier - Iraq" (CAB 3/21)from Mark Peters to an unidentified recipient relating that he has just spoken to Dr Kelly "about the growth media" suggesting that "The existing wording is not wrong but it has a lost of spin on it." Michael Williams - a special adviser at FCO - puts together a document called Iraq briefing from information which was publicly available and presents it to the Parliamentary Labour Party. He thought he probably had to do both but need to be properly prepared beforehand. In Weston-Super-Mare, Janice and David Kelly read the Times over breakfast, and Janice later describes that he was hurt by the article which named him and described him as a "middle ranking official". Downing Street, our source says, ordered a week before publication ordered it to be sexed up to be made more exciting and ordered more facts to be discovered". (CAB 21/5), 0830: Richard Hatfield talks to Dr Kelly at RAF Honington asking him to carry on with the training course. Explanatory Note regarding the transcript of Rachel Kelly’s examination. He was put up in very poor accommodation. An article by Tom Baldwin in The Times (MoD 4/4) concludes that "Some executives have hinted that he may be in Iraq searching for WMD. David has been found in 16 states including New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and … His sonorous voice suggested authority, but he had no coronial experience. R.I.P. He had been with his wife. It is - I don't use this word lightly - it is actually a lie. (Report of the interview MoD 1/54) Present are head of personnel, Richard Hatfield and line manager, Bryan Wells. He always had a minder, who had been a navigation officer in the RAF. The ISC, chaired by Ann Taylor, has been given access to more than 30 joint intelligence committee papers. The following part is to do with two trips by Dr Kelly to the Middle East. On 15 June 2010 Cameron told both Houses  ”What happened on Bloody Sunday was both unjustified and unjustifiable. Bryan Wells tells him the FAC will be televised. Dr Kelly is shown and agrees a draft press release which does not name him. 1425: Andrew Gilligan sends an e-mail to the Lib Dem researcher Greg Simpson (BBC 13/41) it contains a list of questions he thinks FAC Lib Dem member David Chidgey MP should ask Dr Kelly the next day (FAC 6/2), including one about the BBC reporter Susan Watts who he says Dr Kelly has spoken to. He thinks he should be briefed beforehand by a team much in the same way the PM is briefed before he goes in front of the liaison committee. Dr Kelly was supposed to be going to London but he stays at home working in the garden. I would actually book to go out myself and we would sometimes share where we had both been and all the personnel there had to stay on the airfield, I think, for security reasons. Florian Marku and Rylan Charlton will meet in an explosive welterweight battle on the undercard of David Avanesyan vs Josh Kelly on January 30 at … Susan Watts later tells Lord Hutton that she put this down as gossip and speculation. Sir Kevin Tebbit later tells the Hutton Inquiry that Dr Kelly was offered the option of others sitting alongside him for support but he refused. Mrs Kelly tells the Hutton Inquiry that her husband was "deeply, deeply hurt" by that remark. Completed High School. In particular his chemical weapons expert said statements in the dossier did not accurately represent his assessment of the intelligence available to him. But it was a quick whitewash with buckets of red added. (CAB 1/93). Dr Kelly did not spend time in a Government safe house.". No doubt you will have more to tell me as a result of your antics today. It was quite unnecessary. The Times put 20 names to the MoD and then tried Dr Kelly - their 21st go - which was confirmed. Sir David Omand says he should write to the chair of ISC, Ann Taylor and pass on the fact someone had come forward but not the name. GlobalResearch Center for Research on Globalization. This was recently renamed the Directorate of Counter Proliferation and Arms Control. Wing Commander Clark and Kate Wilson would go with him and sit behind him. He says the person was a technical expert who has worked for a variety of departments including the MoD for whom they still work with their salary paid by another department. Chris Adams speaks to Pam Teare who confirms it. The Independent newspaper quotes a suggestion that "Downing Street would seek to defend itself over the death of David Kelly by portraying the scientist as a 'Walter Mitty' character who exaggerated his own role in the Government's intelligence case against Iraq. The description matches the information given by Downing Street in the briefing. "I believe that it may have been in this connection that he then went on to explain the point about the readiness of Iraq's biological weapons, the fact they could not use them quickly, and that this was relevant to the point about 45 minutes. (CAB 1/0502), Dr Brian Jones writes to Martin Howard about his concerns about the suggestion of the Foreign Secretary at the FAC that there were no complaints from members of the security and intelligence services about the content of the September dossier. ", On the 45 minutes issue Mr Howard says that Dr Kelly's line is that he had not seen the intelligence and that he "is not familiar with an Iraqi weapons system that matches that sort of timescale.". Tom Mangold had written a book "Plague Wars" which described him: "If David Kelly were a tax inspector he would recoup Britain's entire national debt." He says the dossier is a "fair reflection of the intelligence that was available and it's presented in a very sober and factual way," and he doesn't think it was transformed. 1520: Dr Kelly tells his wife he is going out for a walk. That is something I am confident history will forgive. Lord Hutton makes his opening statement and rejects an application for the proceedings to be televised. Let's hope it turns into tomorrow's chip wrappers ...". Dr Kelly tries to phone Bryan Wells to … They were shooting innocent people. On each occasion the interview was conducted by MoD officials from the direct line management and personnel chain.

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