Andrew Bartley  

Andrew Bartley, MDiv, MBA, is a Principal of Platinum Leadership Inc. He specializes in developing the leadership environment and culture of organizations through facilitation, team building, strategic planning, adventure education and coaching. Andrew teaches Leadership, Strategic Planning and Coaching for Western University Continuing Studies, and has designed and led hundreds of workshops, retreats and planning processes for organizations in nine provinces.

Previously, Andrew served as Episcopal Director of Pastoral Leadership for the Diocese of London. In this role he supervised 17 directors and specialists, overseeing the pastoral leadership, planning and outreach of the diocese, which included 110 communities and over 700 employees in cities and towns throughout southwestern Ontario.

Andrew earned an MBA from the Ivey School of Business at Western University in 2006. He also holds a Master of Divinity, bachelors degrees in Education and Philosophy and a Diploma in Adult Education. He has Certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Pastoral Planning, Adult Education and Youth Ministry. Andrew is an Adler Trained Coach with the International Coach Federation, a channel partner with the Ken Blanchard Companies, a facilitator of the Situational Leadership Experience, a Tilt 365 Certified Coach and a qualified administrator of the MBTI.

Corinne Walsh  

Corinne Walsh, MA, LLM, is a Principal of Platinum Leadership Inc. Her specialties include leadership and organizational development, coaching, conflict resolution, strategic planning, training, and facilitation. Corinne collaborates with nonprofit, corporate and community-based clients, focusing on building strong organizations and effective leaders by developing excellence at all levels.

Corinne also serves as adjunct faculty with King’s University College and Continuing Studies at Western University. She earned a Master of Law degree specializing in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Osgoode Hall Law School. Corinne also holds Master and Bachelor of Arts degrees, a Diploma in Adult Education, and Certificates in Business Administration, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Pastoral Planning, and Youth Ministry. She is a qualified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and is completing associate-level accreditation with the International Coach Federation.




Jen Denys, BA, CHRP, CPC, is an Associate of Platinum Leadership Inc. Her professional experience includes organizational structure reviews, mentoring and leadership development in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Jen is an expert facilitator who is entrusted with moments involving significant change. As a talent connector, she thrives in opportunities when she can support organizations to develop frameworks that maximize their human potential.

Jen is a Certified Human Resources Professional and Certified Professional Coach who also serves as Principal of Blue Core Coaching. She understands her purpose is to add value to the lives of others and be a steward of the trust and resources that are placed with her by clients and colleagues. Jen coaches individuals to identify and embrace their unique gifts. She meets clients where they are, and combines best practices with the concrete realities of business and life to find solutions that work.

Bill McCarvell  

Bill McCarvell is an Associate of Platinum Leadership Inc. He is an internet development professional and productivity guru with extensive experience in business, not for profit and training environments. Bill owns Syntaxis On-Line Inc., and serves as a consultant to a wide array of managers, business owners and executives. He is a passionate learner whose abilities to listen and query all aspects of an endeavor lead to a deep appreciation of the desired outcomes of an organization and its people.

Bill delivers customized solutions, including user-friendly productivity tools and web-based applications to transform business for goal-driven companies. He is part of Stanford University’s agile team creating a web-based application to manage intellectual property assets to turn scientific progress into tangible products. At home, Bill’s fondness for all things productive has reduced the workflow for baking six loaves of bread to 28 minutes, optimizing the growth and development of his three well-fed adolescent sons.

Erika Muñoz  

Erika Muñoz, BPAPM, is an Associate of Platinum Leadership Inc. She is passionate about facilitating people and communities to reach their potential in unique and innovative ways. Her Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management led to program management in rural Peru and extensive research, facilitation, evaluation and leadership experience. Erika is fascinated by the unique and interconnected nature of individuals and cultures, and work with youth and women has been a major focus of her career.

Erika coordinates research, strategic analysis and administrative support for a variety of projects at Platinum Leadership. She also serves as the Community Engagement Facilitator at the White Oaks Family Centre, President of a young women’s group, and sits on two Boards in the City of London. She is a fiercely determined organizer and a devoted pet-mom to a wonderful Shitzu-Poodle named Luke.

Glenn McIntosh  

Glenn McIntosh, CSP, is an associate of Platinum Leadership Inc. He is a sales expert whose unique style, memorable personality and 24 years of sales experience have benefited thousands of people. As a supervisor, trainer, mentor and coach, Glenn empowers other sales professionals who ask, “How can I generate more sales, unleash the best sales person in me, maintain professionalism in all aspects of sales, and get it done?”

Glenn also serves as a Territory Manager of Central Canada for Lakeland Protective Wear. In this capacity, Glenn provides technical expertise to distributors and timely support to hundreds of sales people. He handles millions of dollars in annual sales for customers ranging from entrepreneurs to multinational accounts. Glenn’s specialties include process sales, prospecting, funneling methods, connecting and creating long-term relationships, negotiation, presentations, closing and success. His work at tradeshows throughout the year resolves challenges and generates new opportunities in service of his customers.

Glenn earned a Sheridan College three-year Marketing and Sales diploma and a Canadian Professional Sales Association certificate with Distinction. He enjoys attending and leading continuing education workshops, especially regarding negotiation, communication and sales. Glenn has also volunteered as a soccer/basketball coach, and has provided over 150 blood donations. He is happily married for over 20 years with two delightful daughters. Golf and fishing are two lesser but important loves in his life.

Greg Nash  

Greg Nash is an Associate of Platinum Leadership Inc. He is a connector and facilitator of people and ideas, designing opportunities for dialogue and shared learning. Greg plans memorable experiences and generates possibilities through adventure initiatives, play and celebration. Greg is a husband, and father of four. His inclination to nurture gifts and support growth is rooted in over 30 years of coaching and supervising staff and volunteers.

Greg also serves as Team Lead for Children, Youth and Family at the London InterCommunity Health Centre. In this role, he directs and supports the efforts of over 120 employees and volunteers. He develops leaders to promote health and well-being. He builds strategic alliances and systems, evaluating efforts with stakeholders to increase capacity and drive innovation. Results of his work include colour-coded files, employee engagement and dynamic cultures of leadership.

Greg has committed much of his professional and voluntary life working alongside young people and their families. He became a Big Brother at 19 and later a foster parent, mentor and community advocate. As an entrepreneur, Greg owned and operated a successful commercial services business for 10 years. His diverse educational background includes training in adventure education, facilitation, management and supervision, spirituality and youth development.

Laura Nash  

Laura Nash, BA, BEd, is an Associate of Platinum Leadership Inc. She is an inspiring facilitator and teacher whose mentorship, coaching and personal example have empowered hundreds of educators, employees and community stakeholders. Laura specializes in collaborative learning and fostering inter-professional communities of practice, resulting in effective partnerships, employee engagement and concerted action in pursuit of goals. Laura brings these gifts, along with her expertise in e-learning, consultation and resource creation to her work with Platinum Leadership.

Laura also serves as a classroom teacher in London, Ontario, where her teenage students often experience success they previously thought impossible. Many rise to challenge and experience abundance in the face of Laura's uncommon devotion, high expectation and surprising creativity. She is regularly asked to facilitate professional development opportunities for her peers, most recently on youth engagement and collaborative learning strategies. Previously, Laura ran a successful home-based business and served as a manager in the retail industry. Laura is wife to Greg, and proud mother of four grown and growing children. Her love of lattés supports a growing cadre of baristas, and her flare for fabulous fashion inspires all who meet her.

Gwynne Ng  

Gwynne Ng, BA, is an Associate of Platinum Leadership Inc. She provides research, strategic analysis, and administrative support for various projects. As a researcher, she is passionate about issues of social inequality. Her background in sociology gives her a firm understanding of social research methodologies and a critical awareness of contemporary social issues, including the role and implications of policy development.

Gwynne is an advocate of life-long learning and seeks opportunities to engage in community building and development. She enjoys volunteering in any capacity – she is currently serving on several committees and Boards at Western University, as well as volunteering with the Student Development Centre to support students in their academic endeavours. Her current thesis research is focused on immigrant access to services in Ontario. She hopes that her research will give voice to immigrant experiences and shed light on the challenges that they face in Canada.


Stefan Sago is an Associate of Platinum Leadership. He uses his video camera to reveal people’s gifts and magnify their actions, telling compelling and creative stories from a fresh perspective. Stefan’s work is featured on the Platinum Leadership YouTube Channel. He is also Director of Photography at his own firm, SagoFilms. When Stefan is immersed in a fascinating project, he smiles constantly and finds his face hurting by the end of the day.

Stefan left Iraq at 9 years of age and lived in Syria before immigrating to Canada, where he is grateful to have found his passion and to follow a path he loves. He describes living in a country where he and his family feel safe as the best thing that could have happened to him. Stefan is a fitness enthusiast and automobile fanatic who developed his keen understanding of the world as a matter of survival. He is a student of life who wants to learn and live well so he can, in turn, lead others.


Murray Watson, PhD, is an Associate of Platinum Leadership Inc. Language and dialogue are two of Murray’s great loves: words, sentences, paragraphs—and using those tools to bring people into conversation, with the goal of better understanding, mutual enrichment and collaboration. Murray’s education has taken him from London, Ontario to graduate studies in Rome, Jerusalem and Dublin, and a 2010 PhD from Trinity College, which explored models of intercultural and interreligious communication. He has taught at several affiliated colleges of Western University, and has offered workshops, lectures and retreats to a wide range of audiences across Canada, in England, Ireland and Israel.

An avid proponent of interfaith dialogue, Murray spends part of each year directing adult interfaith education programmes in Jerusalem, and shares that passion with a number of local, national and international interreligious bodies. In 2004, he helped to co-found the Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning at King’s University College, and he has served as Communications Officer for the International Council of Christians and Jews (based in Heppenheim, Germany). As a wordsmith, editor and translator, Murray often has the opportunity to translate French and Italian texts, and loves the challenge of helping languages—and people—speak to each other. He considers it a privilege to serve Platinum’s clients, and hopes that his skills and experience can support them in the vital work of communicating in our increasingly interconnected world.


Emily Wilton, MA, MTS, is an Associate of Platinum Leadership Inc. She provides qualitative and quantitative research, strategic analysis and administrative support for complex projects. She is a gifted facilitator and effective communicator who speaks and writes with thoughtful precision. Emily is passionate about people, and enjoys collaborating with individuals and groups in pursuit of their goals. She describes her personal philosophy as "trying to meet people where they are, to learn from each other and co-operatively discuss opportunities for changing negative situations and creating positive ones." Emily completed dual Masters degrees at Western and is a doctoral candidate at Princeton Theological Seminary

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